I Borghi più Belli d’Italia | Cinque Quinti

Nel marzo del 2001 nasceva il Club de I Borghi più belli d’Italia, dall’esigenza di valorizzare il patrimonio di storia, arte, cultura dei piccoli centri italiani.

Percorsi di Simonetta Pozzi | Cinque Quinti

A complete and well written interview by Simonetta Pozzi on her blog "Percorsi". She interviewed Martina and she also came to visit us in Cella Monte.

Il Monferrato | Cinque Quinti

Our experience in Bologna at FICO Eataly world on "Il Monferrato".

Italia Yoga | Cinque Quinti

A wonderful review of our Yoga lessons in the middle of our vineyards! Tank you so much Valentina for coming and for your kind words. Hope to see you soon!

Tigullio Vino | Cinque Quinti

Thanks to Mariella Belloni from Tigullio VIno for writing about us the press day dedicated to IT.A.CA.

Girovagando con Stefania | Cinque Quinti

Thanks to Stefania from Girovagando con Stefania for writing about us the press day dedicated to IT.A.CA.

Maccaroni Reflex | Cinque Quinti

Thanks to Francesca from Maccaroni Reflex for wriitng about us the press day dedicated to IT.A.CA.

Casale News | Cinque Quinti

The second time featured on one of the most reliable source of our area. Thank you so much!

Diffusioni Musicali | Cinque Quinti

A great article about our 2 events that combines wine and music.

Sul Pezzo | Cinque Quinti

We really thanks this online magazine for sharing our event.

Metropolitan Web | Cinque Quinti

Wine and Jazz in Monferrato.

Blogelier | Cinque Quinti

A new blog about wine.

Occhi Ovunque | Cinque Quinti

The perfect match for our Red Wine.

I Viaggi di Ciopilla | Cinque Quinti

The perfect Easter recipe.

Dire Fare Mole #DonneDelVinoUnesco | Cinque Quinti

#DonneDelVinoUnesco. The pink side of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

Vinabile | Cinque Quinti

Purple pasta: gnocchi made with Barbera.

Camminare il Monferrato | Cinque Quinti

"Camminare il Monferrato". A guide to walk you around our beautiful territory.

365 Monferrato | Cinque Quinti

Probably the first real lifestyle magazine about Monferrato. The astonishing pictures do the talking.

Biancovino | Cinque Quinti

After our first chat in Milan, Claudio came to visit us in Cella Monte during "Harvest with Cinque Quinti". He launched the blog Biancovino in 2015.

In The Mood For Love | Cinque Quinti

Linda is a contributor for In The Mood For Love. She is 37 and her favorite hobby to pack, unpack and re-pack.

Vinabile | Cinque Quinti

A journey unveiling the wine world. News, events, wine tasting, recipes and much more. Vinabile is dedicated to all wine lovers and not only.

Fooditality | Cinque Quinti

Fooditality offers consulting services to their customers. Their focus is on the food field, so restaurants, cafes, wine cellars and so on.

Wine Blog Roll | Cinque Quinti

Francesco Saverio Russo has a huge passion for wine. He likes to taste, to discover, to buy new wines, to wander around from cellar to cellar.

Casale News | Cinque Quinti

A real explosion of scents, shades and flavors. Cinque Quinti launches its first red wine, produced with Barbera grapes from 2015 harvest.

Dire Fare Mole | Cinque Quinti

Our first article! Written by Federica De Benedictis author of the blog Dire Fare Mole, whose heart and soul is from Turin.

Poli News | Cinque Quinti

Lorena Politi's blog is a mix of news to stay up to date on different matters and themes. Polinews is the blog of multiple news.